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Purchase Recording of Brian Beaulieu's Economic Update Webinar

Nationally known economist Brian Beaulieu, CEO of ITR Economics, spoke to the DRMA audience via a webinar on September 11, 2020. The recording of this webinar is available for purchase.

About the Event: Economic Outlook Through and Beyond COVID-19

This is a critical time for manufacturers. Effective planning is difficult, if not impossible, in the midst of uncertainty, fear, and confusing inputs. Developing tactical and strategic plans to maximize profits and values must remain a vital objective. ITR Economics will help you by putting parameters around the uncertainty, cutting through the emotions and the noise. Our approach is numbers driven based on decades of experience, much of which can be applied even during a pandemic. While you don’t know when you are going to come across a “black swan” event, there are effective ways to see through them and discern what lies beyond. Be it growth, or Depression, we will bring you the objective outlook. Questions about demand going forward abound. Understanding the trends and what to look for is key.

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