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Schupan: Powerful Innovation, a Powerful Team

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

With continual investments and improvements, Schupan’s 220,000 square feet of dedicated manufacturing space is home to a multi-million dollar inventory of metal and plastic mill products ready for delivery to customers when they need it or to manufacture to customers’ specifications. Schupan’s fleet of semi-trucks also offer free delivery of custom parts and material to customers in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Northern Kentucky and Ohio.

Extrusions. Precisely.

Our custom extrusions experts have more than 30 years of experience solving problems for companies in the medical, aerospace, office furniture, and manufacturing industries. We’ll work with you to determine the best approach for your manufacturing needs and recommend the best extruder for your custom shape.

Special lengths reduce waste and get you more usable material.

Schupan can help you save money and cut waste simply by changing the stock length you order. We’ll advise on a length that will fit best with your production, save labor, and free up your shop for more high-value operations.

We also offer expert precision cutting with tolerances to .005. We can cut in any quantity, accurately and with a fast turnaround.

If it’s out of spec, it doesn’t leave.

The Schupan Quality Lab maintains state-of-the-art equipment to ensure accuracy in your order. Our manufacturing space includes: Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM), custom-designed linear measuring machines, portable hardness testers, optical comparators, and more to ensure your order is right, every time.

Your Material. Ready to Go.

Get delivery when you need it. Order what you need to fit your production schedule but pay only when you use it. We’ll hold the reserve of your custom extrusions and materials in our warehouse, ready to ship throughout the year based on your production requirements.

For clearance metals and plastics, be sure to check out the Schupan Boneyard.

About Schupan

The Schupan brand is known for doing the right thing while proactively solving customers’ problems, empowering our employees and investing in the communities we serve.

With its humble beginnings as a scrap metal recycler, today Schupan is a global leader in creating and delivering sustainable material solutions with 15 locations throughout Michigan, Indiana, Iowa, and Ohio. Through innovative products and services, impeccable customer service and inventive offerings, Schupan is changing the materials management and manufacturing landscape. For 54 years, Schupan has been committed to exemplary leadership, building a relationship-driven and solutions-oriented culture while being charitable providers to our communities.

We may have started as a scrap company, but we are now in the business of sustaining resources.

In addition to delivering sustainable materials across the globe, we prioritize sustainability and our impact on the environment. Since 1989, Schupan has led the nation’s most efficient beverage container processing system, collecting the majority of bottles and cans generated through Michigan’s deposit system. Our Sustainability team specializes in designing zero-waste events and venues across Michigan and Ohio. For more information, please read our Corporate Social Responsibility report.

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