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Sinclair offering summer term manufacturing classes in-person

Submitted by Keith Bernheisel, Sinclair Community College

With 2020 behind us and 2021 almost halfway over, there are a lot of exciting things getting ready to happen at Sinclair and we are excited to have the DRMA and you as our business partners. As we all transition back to normal and hopefully put this pandemic forever behind us, Sinclair is still offering Face-to-face classes! If you are looking for a way to provide training to anyone that may not be back to work full time or wanting to get a jump on fall as things start ramping back up and getting back to normal, Sinclair’s Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering Technology departments are offering CAM and IET courses this summer. We are offering 8-week summer A & B-Term face-to-face classes this year. Please, share this with other managers, as many may want to take advantage of these summer offerings. Please see the schedule and the course descriptions below.

Here are the important dates -

Registration for the summer A term classes end May 10th and B-term classes end on June 9, 2021 and Classes begin on May 17th for A term and on June 14th for B term.

Use the table below to see more about the courses – this table contains live links to the course descriptions and you will be able to see the available summer classes and what seats are still available in real time!!

CAM1107 - Introduction to Mechanical Drafting with AutoCAD

CAM1109 - Fundamentals of Tooling & Machining

CAM1142 - Advanced Shop Floor Math

CAM1180 - Welding & Metal Joining I

CAM1181 - Welding & Metal Joining II

CAM2145 - Shop Floor Programming

OPT1100 - Tooling and Machining Metrology

OPT1101 - Introduction to Industrial Engineering Technology

OPT1113 - Coordinate Measurement

OPT2240 - Six Sigma: Green Belt

Along with our regular certificates, you are so familiar with, we have three new offerings, an 18 credit hour Basic Quality certificate, a 17 credit hour Welding and Metal Joining certificate, and a 30 credit hour Tool Maker certificate.

Contact me if you have questions or need help: Keith A. Bernheisel, Coordinator/Recruiter, Manufacturing & Industrial Engineering Technology, (937) 512-3074,

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