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SOCHE Makes Hiring Interns Easy

As our region strategically reopens and our economy receives a jump start, it is time to think about training your next generation of workforce.  SOCHE works with colleges across the region to match students to great intern opportunities in regional businesses.  This is the time of year to fill your summer needs as well as to think about your fall requirements.  Remember that interns are looking for experiential opportunities to complete their fields of study, and they are a great way to try before you buy your new workforce.  In addition, interns have higher retention rates in your company!

We’ve had a record year of intern applications, so we have a lot of interns awaiting employment.  They are experts at working from home if needed and are using earnings to pay for education! 

SOCHEintern works with employers as well as hundreds of high school and college students to build the future workforce in Ohio. Visit us online at or reach out to Patty Buddelmeyer at


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