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Wage and Benefit Survey: It’s Free, When You Participate!

Don’t miss out on getting the DRMA/Manpower’s 2020 Wage and Benefit Survey report for free – all you have to do is participate! Watch your email for the invitation in early August. The results report will be published in October.

Paying people fairly is good for business. Underpay, and employees will eventually look for a better offer. Overpay, and the payroll budget and profitability will suffer. That's why companies use market data to research the value of their jobs. To determine the prevailing rate for a job, companies can benchmark jobs against compensation surveys that are detailed and specific to their company’s industry and region. And that’s exactly what the DRMA/Manpower Wage and Benefit Survey provides.

Your confidentiality is assured. All information is kept strictly confidential and reported in aggregate form only. There will be no publication that will contain your data along with the name of your company.

Topics presented in the survey include:

· Business demographics

· Employee wages

· Employee benefits (medical, dental, vision, short- and long-term disability, holiday, vacation, profit sharing, 401(K), and pension plans)

· Work schedules

· Recruiting and retention strategies

Manpower is a strong partner and member of DRMA, and they do an outstanding job providing this benefit of membership.

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